Excel VBA Runtime 1004 Issues Should Be Fixed

Last week, some users reported to us that they encountered excel VBA Runtime 1004.

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    VBA error 1004 is actually a runtime error in VBA also known as Application Defined Error or Object Defined Error and why is it really because we have a limited number of columns in Excel and as soon as our code gives the command, you can assume that we are trying to get error 1004 there are other parameters, we when we get this error, we when we refer to


    This will resolve VBA error 1004 – Error with a specific application or possibly a specific object. 1004

    What does runtime error 1004 mean in Excel?

    Runtime error 1004 occurs when run macro families copy a malware spreadsheet to a workbook with one specific name that you definitely don’t have and keep it closed before ignoring the macro.

    A VBA runtime error is called an application-defined error, or even an object-defined error, when the code is executed as it occurs. Eliminating coding complexities (see our error guide) is certainly an important part of learning VBA, but knowing why an error takes place will help you avoid coding dilemmas in the future.

    VBA Error 1004 – Object We Don’t Exist

    How do I fix runtime error 1004 in Excel VBA?

    Launch Microsoft Excel.From the File menu bar, choose > [Excel] Options > Trust Center > Control Center Preferences bSecurity” > “From macro settings”.At the top, select a few radio buttons for “Disable almost everything using notification macros.”

    excel vba runtime 1004

    If we are already referring to the object in terms of code, such as an undefined realm name, this error should occur because the main VBA code needs to find the name efficiently. Above

    The example will probably copy values ​​from a range, commonly referred to as the “CopyFrom” range, into a set named “CopyTo” – assuming the package does not have contiguous ranges! exists, in which case it displaysi error 1004.

    The quickest way to avoid the error in the example above is to start creating range names in an Excel workbook, or refer to highlighting in the traditional gloss and line format, for example).

    VBA Error 1004 – Name Already Taken

    An error can occur even if you successfully try to rename an object in a pre-existing problem – for demonstration, if we try to rename Sheet1, but the name you give a sheet is almost always already the name of another sheet.

    If we definitely have that sheet2, your error will occur.

    Error 1004 – Vba Invalid Object Reference

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  • An error can also occur if you mistakenly refer to an object in your code. For example:

    Correct the code and the error will no longer appear.

    VBA Error – Object 1004 Not Found

    Of course this error should also occur when we start opening a book and after that that book is not found – that book specifically in this case is your object not found.message

    Even though the person in the main error box is different, the error is still 1004.

    Copy subrange()

    Copy from as dim area

    Copy to darken as CopyFrom area

    Set sheets(1) =.Range(“CopyFrom”)

    Set CopyTo = Sheets(1).Range(“CopyTo”)





    ActiveSheet.Name “Sheet2”

    CopyRange means exit()

    Dim subwoofer

    under “Copy from Range”

    Dim CopyTo as a range

    Set CopyFrom = Range(“A1:A10”)

    Set CopyTo = Range(“C1:C10”)




    Paste Special Routine CopyRange()

    Dim as copyfrom darkened area

    Copy as range

    Set Copy Range(“A1:A10”)

    = Set CopyTo = Range(“C1:C10”)




    Under OpenFile()

    Size as workbook

    Set = Wb workbooks.Open(“C:DataTestFile.xlsx”)


    Just Do Something In VBA

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    To learn more!

    Runtime error 1004 can be caused by many things. In this article, I will describe several different situations and show you how to deal with them.

    The VBA Pin Belongs To An Area Where, According To Experts, The Code Does Not Exist

    Usually when this happens, the VBA code refers to a cell or range that doesn’t exist. For this example, the code file is correct.

    Sub myFunc()Set Rng Worksheets("Sheet1") =.Rng2 range("z3")Set = Worksheets("Sheet1"). Range ("ZZ3")End of subtitles

    But if you and your family try to access the next sorts, the program will still return the correct error. myfunc()

    sub 1004 '>>>Error "Certain application"value object or   error"    Set Rng = Worksheets("Sheet1").Rng2 range("zzz3")Set = Worksheets ("Sheet1"). Range ("My Range")End of subtitles

    The first row returned an Excel error 1004 because it contains only 16,384 possible columns and the last XFD column. In the second case, I just don’t have the “myRange” range, in which case the application also returned an error. After creating this range, the error no longer occurs. If

    You have to be very careful when using loops, especially with columns. You can exit the real index without realizing it.

    You Are Trying To Enter A Value Of One Instead Of A Range

    The following code will throw an error because the help desk cannot recognize the properties of the Range value as range.MyFunc().

    sub '>>>Error 1004 "Object defined by application by or defined by error"Set Rng = Worksheets ("Sheet1"). Range (4)Set Rng2 = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("4")End of subtitles

    Choose Meexplicitly Working Specified Sheet

    How do I fix Runtime Error 1004 Application-defined or object defined error excel?

    To do this, go to VBE (Alt+F11) right-click the icon on your own module. new Insert a segment and enter your code there. These are the most common causing situations, the appearance of error 1004. I wish this would solve your problem.

    Sometimes when you implicitly select your own sheet, you might get a 1004 error. You

    Discover Programming ideas. The fabric is included here, but otherwise including a sheet can lead to a useful error.

    excel vba runtime 1004

    Set wksSource = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet

    Use this style if you are explicitly choosing a website name.

    Set wksSource = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1")

    You Are In Protected Mode

    You also usually get a 1004 error when your spreadsheet is literally in protected mode. Shutdown protection can fix some errors.

    Macro Saved At Sheet Level

    Sometimes you can actually get these groups of errors when writing a macro at the normal spreadsheet level. You need to create a good, reliable and accessible module to start with. To do this, navigate VBE to (Alt + F11) and/or right-click the module icon. Insert a new module, enter its code as well.

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