Solutions For Opening The Oracle Enterprise Manager Console On Windows

Sometimes your system may display an error code when you open the Oracle Enterprise Manager console on Windows. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Prefix. The Oracle Enterprise Manager console is, of course, a graphical user interface that displays menus, toolbars, and launcher palettes and their structures that provide access to Oracle tools and utilities offered by peers.

    To display the Oracle Enterprise Manager console from client browser, project dbconsole must be running on your own server. Dbconsole The process starts shortly after installation.

    However, after rebooting the system, you willYou can also run it manually from the command line or using Windows services.

    1. Go to someone’s oracle_home/bin directory. Instruction

    2. do the following:

      ./emctl starts dbconsole
    ./emctl stop dbconsole
    ./emctl dbconsole setup


    Launch The Windows Database Console

    Where is Oracle Enterprise Manager console?

    Follow these steps to launch the Enterprise Manager console. Launch the Enterprise Manager console. On some Windows platforms: you are in our own start menu -> oracle- Enterprise manager Console.Name=”sthref141″>

    How do I start Enterprise Manager?

    Change to the ORACLE_HOME/bin the following statement: ./emctl start dbconsole.

    On Windows, using the dbconsole command line, you can set up a process as a service.

    1. In the large menu, click “Start”, “Configuration”, “Administration”, “Services”. The site that displays the service URL.

    2. Oracle Services starts with Oracle. The dbconsole service is listed because oracledbconsoleoracle_sid is displayed, where ORACLE_SID is your SID. An operation in this state is considered as running or stopped in the column.

      Double-click a service. The property page will be displayed.

    3. On the page, make sure the properties for the actual startup type are manual or automatic, never, and disabled. Click “Start” if the programit is not running. Click OK. Maybe

    how to open oracle enterprise manager console in windows

    You can also use the service report to stop the process.


    In any case, the chapter describes how to start the Manager Enterprise Console and management services from a web browser.

    Run Oracle From Our Enterprise Console Manager In A Web Browser


    C When using Oracle Enterprise Manager, an administrator is not limited to managing targets from their specific machine where the product is installed. Instead, administrators can use the Enterprise Manager website launched by Enterprise for From Manager Console from any web browser.

    All Enterprise and Manager products are web-enabled except for the following:

    Oracle Diagnostics PackageOracle Capacity Scheduler name=”1003006″>

    Viewing Oracle Trace data

    Oracle Tuning PackOracle name=”1003019″>Expert

    Oracle Index Tuning Wizard

    Oracle SQL Analysis

    Embedded Applications Oracle Directory Manager

    Oracle Manager

    In order to run Oracle Enterprise Manager from a web browser, you must complete the following installation and configuration steps.


    sans Serif”>Installation

    How do I start Dbconsole?

    Run the following command to Dbconsole: start process for ./emctl build dbconsole.start stopfor the dbconsole process, run the following command: ./emctl stop dbconsole.Issue the following show status command on the dbconsole project: ./emctl is a good dbconsole name.

    Make Sure The Client

    that the client running Enterprise Manager for Web Tools has a specific supported web browser installed.

    type=”disk”>Navigatornetscape version 4.7 for 2000, Windows windows NT, Windows XP and Windows 98

    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5. For 0 Windows NT, Windows 2200 and 98

  • type=”disk”>Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 Windows for NT, Windows 2000, and Windows type=”drive”>
  • InternetMicrosoft 6 version.0 for XP
  • name=”1002112″>

    Installation Side Type=”1″>

      which ensures successful installation of the Manager enterprise website default,

      If located on the Management Server in a specific Oracle_Home/oem_webstage/ directory. In addition, the web manager automatically installs the company through an Oracle HTTP server that is pre-configured to act as a web server. Http-oracle Server will be started automatically. This is the HTTP server currently used by the Enterprise Manager Reporting website.

    1. Start the oracle-http server by doing the following Windows steps:

      Under NT:

      how to open oracle enterprise manager console in windows

      To run the Oracle server part on http:

      1. type=”a” value=”1″>From the Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel.
      2. Double click type=”a”>Services.Name=”1002125″>Type=”a”>
      3. Select the OracleHTTPServer_ service.
      4. type=”a”>Click here to get started with Oracle HTTP Server.Name=”1002127″>

      In Name=”1002128″> unix:

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    You can start Oracle Server http from the command line with the command:


    $Oracle_Home/Apache/Apache/bin/apachectl start

    To stop the Oracle http server, do the following:

    Under Windows NT:

    To stop the Oracle HTTP Server:

    1. From the appropriate Start menu, select > Settings Control Panel.
    2. type=”a”>Double-click Services.
    3. Select service name=”1002135″>OracleHTTPServer_.

      type=”a”>Click here to stop the Oracle HTTP Server.

    Under Name=”1002138″>Unix:

    You can easily stop an Oracle HTTP Beyond server command by typing the exact command:

    $Oracle_Home/Apache/Apache/bin/apachectl Name="1004996"> stop


    If you want to use another important web server other than Oracle HTTP Server version pre-configured for browser-based brokerage, you will need to configure many of the other supported web servers and install them manually. Additional supported web page servers type=”disc”>

  • Oracle Internet Application Server version for SPARC sun NT, Solaris, Windows c and its Windows 2000
  • Apache version 1.3.22 SPARC sun Solaris, Windows and NT Windows 2000

    Microsoft Internet Information Server version 4.0 is available for Windows NT

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