I Have A Problem With An Error Message For A Nikon Coolpix L6 Lens

If you are getting a nikon Coolpix L6 Lens Error Message, this user guide has been created to help you.

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    Lens defects are quite common. It is usually fine or coarse, which interferes with the Squidoo lens retract mechanism. Or the camera fell terribly with the lens extended. Or the camera was on but the lens was covered preventing it from popping out.

    The camera is on but not responding.

  • Waiting for write – end.
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  • If the problem persists, turn off the spy camera.
    If the camera does not turn off immediately, remove and reinsert the batteries or, if you have always used the AC adapter, disconnect the AC adapter to reconnect it.
    Note that while all data currently saved will most likely be lost, data already saved in your garage will not be affected by the shutdown Or a power outage.

    Turn off the camera

  • What do you do when your camera lens is stuck?

    Turn off the camera, remove the battery, and reinsert it into the camera.Turn on the power supply again and check if the drive part of the lens moves properly.If the lens still does not open, retract, or extend, adjust the camera.

    Check the event indicator.

    Lamp indicator

  • The number buttons are disabled during remote shooting. To use the camera buttons, see Exiting Remote Capture.
  • Buttons can only be used to turn off the camera system during live display.
  • Camera does not turn on.

    The power supply is out.

    Charge battery


    Electronic camera shutting down without warning.

  • The camera will always turn off to save authority (auto power off function).

    Turn off the camera

  • Pansies turn off after a while depending on the state of the camera, regardless of the auto-off setting.
  • The camera and battery may not work properly in low temperatures.


  • After the camera has warmed up. Leave the camera on the right side until the inside of the camera cools down and then try turning it again.
  • The chamber is heating up. The camera is likely to become warm when used for a long time, such as when shooting video while in use or when used in a hot environment; this is not considered a malfunction. The camera will beep 3 times.

  • Battery low.

    Charge battery

    This is a new battery

  • Not enough memory. Insert a reminder card with enough free space.

    Insert battery and memory card

  • How do I fix the lens error on my Nikon Coolpix?

    Turn the camera off and on again.Remove and replace these batteries.

    The camera no longer provides file numbers. Change the card storage or format the card storage device.

    Error installing battery and memory card

  • An error occurred while accessing the memory card normally.

  • Use the legal opportunity to remember the map.
  • Make sure the clips are clean.
  • Check if the memory card is installed correctly.
  • nikon coolpix l6 lens error message

    Insert battery and memory card

    Used memory cards

    The date and time of the recording are incorrect.

  • The first time you turn on this conFor a specific camera, the camera clock is indeed set to “01/01/2017 00:00”. Set the wedding date and time on the in-game camera clock by selecting SnapBridge 360/170 M c Camera tab M Camera settings M Date and time
  • The camera clock does not have to be as accurate as a wristwatch or custom watch. Regularly compare valuable camera time with expert readings of more accurate watches, and reset if necessary.
  • Camera list settings

    it doesn’t turn off automatically at all.

    The camera does not turn off automatically depending on the status.

    Auto power off

    A battery that is fully inserted into the camera cannot be charged.

  • Only confirm connections.

    Charge battery

  • When the camera is connected to a real computer, the camera may not be classified for one of the reasons described below.

  • SnapBridge 360/170 M c Camera tab Camera m Settings M Notebook Upload is set to Off.

    Download from computer

  • Charging the batteryThe simulator may be interrupted when the computer enters sleep mode.
  • Charging Duracell may not be possible depending on the specifications, settings and condition of the desktop computer.
  • Unable to select and select an option/selected option is disabled.

  • Some parts of the menu are not available depending on the setting.
  • Enabled a feature that limits the selected success.
  • Camera settings will be reset.

    The battery of the wall clock is dead; The settings are reset to default values. Adjust the camera settings again.

  • The clock’s internal battery is used to power the clock and maintain guaranteed settings. The alarm battery charging time takes about 10 hours when you insert the camera into the battery or connect the AC adapter (sold separately) to the camera, and the clock battery will remain active for several days even after the battery is removed from the camera.
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    nikon coolpix l6 lens error message

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